Personality of Belgian Malinois.

The AKC (American Kennel Club) breed standard for the Belgian Malinois says: “Correct temperament is essential to the working character of the Belgian Malinois. The breed is confident, exhibiting neither shyness nor aggressiveness in new situations. The dog may be reserved with strangers, but is affectionate with his own people. He is naturally protective of his owner's person and property without being overly aggressive. The Belgian Malinois possesses a strong desire to work and is quick and responsive to commands from his owner. Faulty temperament is strongly penalized”. So, Belgian Malinois isn’t for inexperienced dog owners. If early socialization or training weren’t held, the dog becomes a real disaster. Malinois is best dog for results-oriented handling.

Malinois needs very active owner, who can provide him with everyday training. Don’t forget, that Malinois is a high drive dog and especially in the adolescent months (between 10 to 18) he is super active and full of energy. In this stage Malinois may need the services of a behaviour trainer.

The personality of Malinois means he needs a job. He is intense companion, highly intelligent and loyal.

Malinoises are smaller than the German Shepherd, so they take less space and are more compact. But, similar to the GSD, Malinois needs to be mentally stipulated. Malinoises have several health issues, however, they aren’t as prone to hip dysplasia as the German Shepherds.

Personality of Malinois requires at least two walks in a day. He is a perfect jogging or hiking partner. In fact, Malinois can run up to 35 miles per hour. If you won’t walk with Malinois or won’t let him spend almost all supply of energy, it will result in behavior problems. Misbehavior, such as digging, biting and herding will be very hard to handle.

Genetics can be a reason for bad temperament in this breed, but in most cases it’s the result of failure to meet all the dog’s needs. Bad temperament of Malinois often shows, that his owner doesn’t know much about the breed, doesn’t train his dog properly and the dog wasn’t socialized with people or other animals. Such dog may be fearful or aggressive. Ha may fear bite, be very aloof with strangers or fight with the dogs. Vice versa, if you provide Belgian Malinois with constant training and clear rules, he will be a real joy for you and your family. Malinois is very loyal to his owner and his family. The dogs of this breed need everyday attention, mental stimulation and work.

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