General information about Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinoises work in different roles. Due to the unique nervous system, this breed may accomplish different tasks, depending upon what he was taught and trained to do. Malinois is probably the best jumper in the world, he is able to get over very high barriers (3m or more). Malinoises are capable of great endurance and are incredibly restless in work. The dogs of this breed are selected considering their physical and psychical features, necessary in work. They are easily trained, very sociable and stable to stress. Besides, under certain conditions, Belgian Malinois is a perfect dog for family and wonderful companion, who is always ready to obey his owner’s commands.
It should be mentioned, that Malinoises of working breeding are dogs only for professional trainers and only for professional goals. You don’t buy Ferrari to go to the supermarket. The same applies to dogs. Malinois of working breeding is a specially selected dog, in which working skills were raised for many generations. If somebody, who isn’t professional trainer starts keeping Malinois, the dog may cause many problems for himself and for people. That’s why, if you don’t work for police, for example, or aren’t professional dog trainer, don’t bring working Belgian Malinois to your house. You’d better choose some other dog breed.

Belgian Malinoises have very strong health. They are very modest and perfectly suit for living in the yard. Coat with thick undercoat reliably protects the dogs from any bad weather. Malinoises don’t eat much and aren’t picky in food.

Malinois is a very active dog, who needs not just walking with good physical activity, but training. Remember, that this breed was created for guarding work and it’s very important to provide Malinois with such work. Malinois is tireless and he suffers from lack of work or attention. No doubt, Malinois is a dog for active people, who have enough time for dog’s training.

Belgian Malinois remains to be active for a long time (12-13 years or more) and may be used for guard work longer, than any other breed. Malinoises normally live for 14-15 years. They usually don’t have specific hereditary diseases or gastric torsion.

Care for coat is very easy. The hair should be combed out only when shedding. In Belgium dogs’ owners don’t wash Malinoises, even before dog show.