Belgian Malinois vs. German Shepherd

Belgian Malinoises are very often compared to German Shepherd Dogs. Some people think, that they are variations of each other. Others consider them to be two separate breeds. On careful observation you may see many similarities between these breeds, however they also differ a lot.

The similarities
Belgian Malinoises as well as German Shepherds are part of the sheepdog family. They helped people to herd sheep on the pastures of Europe. In recent years police forces and security agencies of such countries as Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands started to use both these breeds. Many people also use Belgian Malinoises and German Shepherds as guard dogs. So, the conclusion is that both these breeds have occupied a similar position towards people.

Both Belgian Malinois and the German Shepherd are included to the list of top ten most popular breeds in the world. They have common features of character, such as high level of confidence, loyalty and intelligence, that make them perfect guard dogs.

Belgian Malinois as well as the German Shepherd like to be busy with the work. Aggressiveness and shyness aren’t normally part of their nature. They are well-known for high sense of alertness and intelligence.

The German Shepherd is classified as a big-sized breed. The Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized dog. Some people think, that Malinois is more aggressive, however, this isn’t true at all.

As compared to the German Shepherd, Malinois is much quicker and has an unlimited amount of energy. This is the main reason, why Malinois is more often chosen as a military and police dog.

As for training, Malinois is much more easy to control. Both GSD and Malinois are known to be loyal, but once you win the respect of Malinois, things will get easier.

Malinois is also more curious than German Shepherd. He won’t survive without working and training. It may be a real trouble, if you aren’t professional dog trainer. The German Shepherd, vice versa, makes things easier for his owner.

Belgian Malinois needs constant socialization. He prefers to be in the center of attention, with the family or other dogs. The German Shepherd is fine alone until he gets his daily meals. Malinois, however, does his best to perform his duties.