Belgian Malinois Army Dogs

Belgian Malinoises are known to be very courageous and clever dogs. They help mankind in various ways. These dogs are perfect companions in herding, therapy, search and rescue operations.

Although Malinois was traditionally used for herding sheep, later he was also introduced into army. The military noticed unique features of this breed and understood that it could be used for different military purposes.

When the First World War broke out in 1914 Malinoises weren’t used in the army. However, after this war the breed became very popular and in World War 2 Malinoises were used in the army of such  European countries as Belgium, Germany and Netherlands.

Services of Malinois in the army
Belgian Malinois served as a messenger to deliver important messages. He was also used as a scout and a border patrol dog. He was trained to provide emergency care for soldiers on the battle field as well.

Why was the breed inducted in the army?
Belgian Malinois has many valuable qualities, which are useful when serving in the army. First, and the most important, is dog’s high level of intellect. The dog is known to be sharp problem solver. Second the most important feature is high sense of alertness. Belgian Malinois has a good instinct for detecting potential threats. That’s why Malinois is a perfect border patroller, search and rescue dog.

Another reason why Malinoises serve as military dogs is the fact, that they are full of energy. These dogs may easily fulfill the task, that other dogs would get tired doing. Malinois never get tired of doing some activity, that’s why sometimes owner of Malinois spends a lot of money for trainers, trying to give the dog the best training in the world. Fortunately, Malinoises are easy to train. The dog’s courage is one more reason, why Malinoises are used in the army.

As for appearance and physical characteristics Belgian Malinois is a medium sized dog with a sturdy built. Because of his double fur coat, Malinois can easily adapt to extreme weather conditions. Besides, Malinois has super sense of smell. This is very helpful when locating injured soldiers on the battle field. The super sense of Belgian Malinois also helped him to bust many drug dealers all over the world.

Today Belgian Malinois is considered to be perfect working dog. But, he also serves for the police force, security agencies, detectives, rangers and also as personal security dog.