Belgian Malinois. Standard of the breed. Part 2

Limbs of Belgian Malinois are muscular and strong. Forequarters are vertical and parallel. Blade bone is long and tight and usually subtends with humeral bone an ideal angle (110-115 degrees). Forearm is straight and long. Elbows are pronounced. Wrist is short and steady. Pastem is strong and short, slightly sloping. Feet are round and compact, with close-cupped toes; claws are strong and dark. Hindquarters are massive, but not heavy, vertical from side view, parallel from rear view. Croup is wide and muscular, upper thigh is also muscular and wide. Hocks aren’t long, well bent and well let down. Feet are round, may be slightly oval with close-cupped toes; claws are dark in color and strong.

Dog’s movements are free, effortless and single track. Malinois is capable to change direction abruptly, when walking.

Skin is elastic and tight-fitting. The coat is compact with undercoat. Dog’s coat is a perfect protection for him. Coat is normally very short on the head and external part of the ears as well as on the low part of limbs. Coat is short all over the body. Dog’s neck is covered with compact coat. Back side of the femur may have longer coat. Coat on the tail may be longer, than all over the body.

Color. Malinois has pronounced mask, on the upper part forehead or supraorbital ridges are black, on the lower part- lips. Ears, lips and eyelids should be black. Malinois has black overlay, i.e. each separate hair has black tip. The black overlay shades the main color of the coat. It should be all over the dog’s body, but without making spots or lines. White spots on the chest and toes are allowed.

Size and weight. Male dog weighs approximately 25-30 kg, female dog - 20-25 kg.
Height of adult male dog is normally 25 inches (62 cm) in the whithers; length of the body is 25 inches (62 cm); length of the head is 10 inches (25 cm); length of the muzzle face is 5 inches (13 cm).


Modest or aggressive character.
Untypy general appearance.
Undershot or overshort bite, lack of more than three teeth.
Nose, lips and eyelids without pigmentation.
Dropped ears.
Absent or short, curled tail.
Coat without undercoat.
Colors, that aren’t described in the standard, too big spots, absence of mask.
Bigger or smaller size than that, described in the standard.

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