Belgian Malinois and children.

In general, Belgian Malinois is very good with children. Please, take into consideration, that he should be very carefully introduced to the children at a young age to build a human-canine bond and understanding. Belgian Malinois is a protection breed and, if properly socialized, he will love your children and protect them. He will also play with them and respect as being higher in the “pack”.

The introduction of the dog should begin when he is a puppy. Actually, all socialization should begin, when Malinois is a puppy. The puppy should be introduced to one child at a time in order for the puppy and the child to get used to each other. Later the puppy should have experience with one child, then two, etc. The goal is that the children may be around Malinois puppy without any problems.

Please, remember, that during the process of socialization and when your children are small, the puppy shouldn’t be left alone with them. Careful supervision is very important, because sometimes a child can accidentally hurt the puppy or adult dog. The situation may be the opposite, if some action of the child is interpreted by the dog as teasing. These misunderstandings may cause the puppy or the dog to jump on the child. Belgian Malinoises are easily excited and if your child start to run away from the dog, he may accidentally knock him over. Don’t think, that the dog shows aggressiveness this way. However, it’s very important to contain such behaviour.

The child should also be taught to respect your pet. For example, he should know, that it’s not acceptable to hit or hurt the dog. The harsh punishment is interpreted negatively by the dog and he could become aggressive. Explain to the child how the dog may interpret his behavior. For example, if the dog see the child holding a bun, he may interpret it as teasing. The child should know exactly what behavior is right and what is wrong around the dog before socializing. Naughty children shouldn’t be allowed to communicate with puppy or adult Belgian Malinois at all. Such children may easily cause physical or mental damage to the puppy.