Belgian Malinois. Dog's basic needs.

Being a caring dog’s owner, you probably want to know, that you are meeting all your dog’s basic needs to be sure his is healthy and happy. So, what are the main dog’s needs? Dogs need food, water and shelter to survive. Also like humans, they need physical care and training. What should be done to meet all your dog’s needs?

Proper nutrition
A healthy diet is vital. Choose food companies, that use only high-quality ingredients. Then, choose a balanced diet, that your dog enjoys. It’s not reasonable to spend a lot of money for superb diet if the dog won’t eat it. Many food companies offer samples you can try before buying a whole bag. Others guarantee, that they will give your money back, if your Malinois doesn’t like the food. If you decide to provide your dog with homemade diet, please, consult veterinarian first, to make sure the ingredients are right for your dog. Make small portions until you are sure the dog likes the food.

After choosing the appropriate diet, watch how your Malinois responds over the first two weeks. If he becomes less active or his coat became dull, the diet is to be changed. Please, change the diet gradually not to cause gastrointestinal upset or food aversion. If you noticed any changes in your dog’s health, consult your veterinarian. Be sure your Malinois always has access to fresh and clean water.

If your Malinois spends a lot of time outdoors, provide him with a temperature-controlled doghouse. Don’t leave your dog unattended without shelter, especially in bad weather conditions, because this may result in health consequences.

Physical Maintenance
Watch over your dog’s health and provide him with regular exercise and preventive veterinary care. Visit your veterinarian at least once or twice in a year to identify potential problems with your dog’s health.

Nurturing your dog
Malinois thrives on structure and discipline, and training is very important to him. You may choose a certain training program and follow it. However, it’s better to join a training class with a professional dog trainer. If you decided to train Malinois by yourself, reinforce good behaviour and correct misbehavior. Be consistent and you will notice positive results.
It’s vital to maintain the human-canine bond. The bond is to be constantly strengthened by petting, playing and talking to your Malinois.

Following these simple guidelines sets the foundation for a long and happy life with your Malinois. Don’t make dog ownership a chore, think about it as an experience, that makes your life whole and your dog’s life happier.