Belgian Malinois doesn't listen. What to do?

When it comes to training dogs, the understanding in communication between human and the dog is the key. Don’t think, that only you suffer because of disobedient dog. Your Malinois suffers a lot too. Dogs, who are misunderstood, are often stressed and confused by a long list of tangled rules.

What to do when your Malinois doesn’t listen
Firstly, we should determine what you mean, saying “doesn’t listen”. Often it means, that Malinois ignores your commands. Remember, that dogs don’t do anything on spite. So, if your Malinois do something forbidden when you are away, it means he already associated punishment with his owner. There are many ways out for communicating with dog, that doesn’t follow your commands.

It’s not fair to leave temptations around your Malinois and, when he gives in to them, punish him. So your goal is to get rid of everything, that may be such temptation. For example, if your Malinois chews your shoes, buy him chew toys and hide your shoes. If your dog pees on the carpet, when you are out of home, make sure he has enough walking every day. These precautions have therapeutic effect, because the less dog misbehaves, the more likely he will change his behavior.

Don’t forget about reward
It’s so tiresome to tell “No!” to your Malinois all the time.  Then don’t do it. Offer to your dog alternative behavior. For example, if your dog often jumps to you, tell him “to sit” instead and give  him a reward. Malinoises learn better, if you give them a chance to do wanted behavior. The dog can't jump, if he is sitting, right? Ask your Malinois for wanted behavior and reward him for following your commands.

Be consistent
Only by being consistent your Malinois will know what behavior is right or wrong. For example, if you don’t allow your Malinois to sleep on a sofa, there shouldn’t be exceptions, like cold day.
Dog should know the consistent rules to obey them.

Classes may be necessary
Sometimes a dog trainer is necessary to show you how to train your Malinois some basic commands, and thus to create a special bond between you and your dog. Classes are very useful to learn some effective strategies and to understand better how to communicate with your dog. Such classes may help you to master helpful commands, like “leave it”, “drop it” and “off”.

It’s not so difficult to understand your Malinois. Your dog just needs clear rules and proper management. When owner say “my dog doesn’t listen” it often indicates, that he can’t communicate clearly with his pet. You can communicate successfully with your Malinois!