How to introduce your Malinois to a new puppy

In general, dogs are very social animals. Thy like to spend time with other dogs and can establish certain relationship between themselves. However, this doesn’t mean your dog will be happy to see another dog in your house. In this case, introducing a new puppy to your Malinois may be problematic.

Preparation is the most important step when introducing a new puppy to your dog. First impressions between your Malinois and your new puppy are vital. It indicates smooth development or the start of a long series of problems. Remember, that your Belgian Malinois is very protective of your property and home and this is the biggest problem in introducing a new dog. To solve this problem, you may introduce your Malinois to the new dog in a neutral environment, for example the nearest park. But, if you are used to walk there with your Malinois, he may consider the park to be his own territory as well.

It’s recommended to have another handler with you, because if you will hold both leashes, the dogs may feel forced upon each other. Do not hold the puppy, because he may feel trapped. Let the dogs gradually approach each other. Please, buy second food bowl and prepare second sleeping place in advance. The dogs won’t share the same bowl or sleeping place. And forcing them to it, you will cause a disaster. Before taking your new puppy at home, be sure you’ve prepared the place, where your dogs will meet for the smooth introduction.

This place shouldn’t contain anything, that the resident dog possesses. No toys or food bowls. Don’t choose small place, because the dogs may feel trapped. If the meeting in the park has passed well, you may walk your dogs to the house, as if you do it every day. But, let your Malinois to walk off lead first and let the puppy explore the new environment on lead.

In case you notice any sign of aggression, immediately separate the dogs. Dogs fight is intolerable. Please, consider, that nipping at the puppy’s neck isn’t a sign of aggression and should be permitted.

No matter what breed your puppy belongs to, taking the aforementioned precautions and providing a smooth introduction will help your new puppy and your resident dog to develop strong and positive relationship, that will last forever.