Belgian Malinois. Standard of the breed. Part 1

General appearance. Belgian Malinois is a middle-sized, strong, elegant dog, with strong muscles. He is clever, modest and capable to adapt to any situation. The dog of the breed is attentive and responsive. Belgian Malinois should have square format with his chest on the elbows’ level. The length of the snout is equal or a little longer, than the head’s length.

Temperament. Belgian Malinois is careful and active dog, full of energy and always ready to action. He is the best watch and guard dog. No doubt, Malinois is smart and attentive guard for his owner. The dog of this breed combines best features of shepherd and guard dogs. Malinois has alert, stable character without fear or aggression.

Head. The head of Belgian Malinois should be clean, balanced, long with the stop slightly defined. The muzzle face is pointed tapering. The length of the head is equal to the length of the muzzle face. The skull is middle-sized with square forehead; occiput isn’t clearly defined; supraorbital ridges aren’t pronounced.

Nose of Malinois should be black spotted.

Muzzle face isn’t long, well filled under the eyes, pointed tapering to the nose. Nasal bone is straight and parallel to imaginary line, drawn from the forehead. The mouth is fully opened, i.e. when it’s open you can see the whole tooth system of the dog. Lips are tight, with pigmentation. The teeth are white and strong. Malinois should have pincer or scissors bite. Dog’s cheeks are dry and tight.Malinois normally has middle-sized, not bulging, slightly almond-shaped eyes. They are dark in color with pigmented eyelids. Eyes’ expression is alert, intent and questioning. Ears are small, set on high, triangular and sharp-tipped.

Dogs of this breed normally have slightly extended, muscular neck, without dewlap.

Body. Malinois has strong, but not heavy, square body. The length from shoulder to buttock is equal to high in whithers. Loin is short, muscular and wide. Back is short and muscular. Croup is slightly pelvis slope, muscular and wide enough. Chest isn’t wide, but deep enough, with well rounded ribs. Underline goes from the chest to the belly, that is reasonably tucked up. Tail is well set, shouldn’t be higher than the body line, when moving. The tail’s tip may curve when moving, but without hooks.