Can I ensure happy life for Malinois?

Belgian Malinois is a perfect dog for people, who have time and space for him. He needs training, so naturally he should have place to burn his energy. It’s very important for the owner to participate in dog’s exercises.

Large, fenced-in backyard is a perfect place for Malinois. Some of the dog’s exercises can be done there. For example, the dog may romp with you or your children, and thus spend his energy. Of course, it’s not enough. A park or other place to walk your Malinois is also necessary.

Belgian Malinois likes to spend a lot of time in the yard. However, if you don’t want the dog to come to your house, you should not get a Belgian Malinois. The dog of this breed cannot live outside all the time. If you look for a dog to live only in the yard, Malinois isn’t for you.

If you have a big house and it’s enough to accommodate your active Malinois, then he will be happy. In case you have many valuable things or expensive furniture, you should exercise him enough, because the dog may cause a lot of damage, when left alone or if he didn’t spend almost all his energy.

Don’t forget, that your Malinois needs you. If you work a lot or spend evening or weekends out of home, choose other dog breed. Belgian Malinois can’t live alone, he needs his owner.

Belgian Malinois isn’t suitable breed for those, who have expensive carpet or don’t like dogs, that shed a lot. Belgian Malinois has a short hair, but he sheds profusely twice in a year. Be ready to pick up a copius amount of hair. Please, take this into consideration before bringing Malinois puppy to your house.

In general, Malinois is able to live in any environment, the main condition is to feel love and to have access to his owner. Malinois likes and needs to play and run a lot, so it’s more convenient to have fenced backyard. He can also live in the house, though it’s not the best idea, considering his size and energy.