Universal Leather Leash For Belgian Malinois

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  • Model: L2###1016 20 mm Leather leash with support material on handle


High-Quality Leather Leash With Padded Handle

Dear Customer, we always want to provide you with new and high quality equipment for your pet. Your Malinois is strong enough, so you have to spend a lot of energy while walking him. Taking into consideration this fact, we decided to create the item, which will make everyday activities more safe and pleasant for you and your dog.

Belgian Malinois is smart, but very active breed. He may suddenly decide to get acquainted with something new, like neighbor’s cat or dog, so you need to have the possibility to control him. Our New Comfortable Leather Leash is probably the best gear for this purpose. Once your pet wants to change the direction abruptly, you will be able to stop him without feeling pain in hands because of sharp jerk.

Key features of this Belgian Malinois Leash:

  • Soft grip handle
  • Durable genuine latigo leather
  • Rusproof reliable brass snap hook
  • 3/4 inch wide smooth waxed edges leather
  • Hand-stitched with thread

Intended use of this Belgian Malinois Leash:

  • Easy walking
  • Training

Sizes available:

  • 6 Ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

Below are just some of the benefits of this Super Comfortable Leash.

Reliable and high quality material. The Leash is made of full grain, specially crafted leather. This first class material is flexible and strong enough to resist the high tension of your Malinois, once he decides to check all corners of the park, looking for something interesting. The leash is also additionally stitched to increase durability of the equipment. Use special repellents to care about leash, do not dry it on the radiator and it will serve your doggy for years!

Strong hardware. The snap hook and O-ring are made of brass. Brass is a unique alloy of copper and zinc. This metal is very strong and resistant towards corrosion. And what is also important, it looks great and shines like a gold in the sun. The snap hook is comfortable enough, so you will be able to attach the leash to the collar and to go for a walk with your Belgian Malinois right in few seconds.

Additional comfort for your hands. While creating new equipment we think not only about your pet, but also about you, as owner of powerful dog. It can be rather painful for your palms, when Malinois pulls, trying to reach something. That is why the handle of this leash is additionally padded from within. Due to this soft support material it doesn’t rub or irritate skin on the palm when you (or your dog) pull the leash.

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